Principales publications:



Grafting of bioactive polymers with various architectures: a versatile tool for preparing antibacterial infection and biocompatible surfaces,
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Pertinence of the Grain Size on the Mechanical Strength of Polycrystalline Metals
Zontsika N. A., Abdul-Latif A., Ramtani S.
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Grafting of Architecture Controlled Poly(Styrene Sodium Sulfonate) onto Titanium Surfaces using Bio-adhesive Molecules: Surface Characterization and Biological Properties
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Ramtani S.
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Intramedullary Pinning of a non-homogeneous long bone hollow cylinder: An implant-bone interface investigation within the context of adaptive elasticity
Ramtani S.,
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Functionalization of New Biocompatible Titanium Alloys with Harmonic Structure Design by Using UV Irradiation,
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Procédé de greffage de polymères bioactifs sur des matériaux métalliques.
Falentin-Daudré, C., Migonney, V., Chouirfa, H., Baumann, J.-S.
Brevet FR 15 57621. 2015

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