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Equipe SBMB - CSPBAT- UMR 7244

UFR Santé, Médecine, Biologie Humaine Université Paris 13
74 rue Marcel Cachin
93017 Bobigny Cedex (France)Team


Philippe Savarin received an Engineer diploma from the Centrale school of the University of Lille (1997), a master in physical and chemical analysis (1997) and a PhD (2001) in Spectroscopy from the Centrale School of Paris. After a post-doctoral in Orsay University (LEBS), he got a position of associate professor at the Evry University in 2002. He is professor at the Paris 13 University since 2012. He is the Director of the CSPBAT laboratory (UMR 7244, CNRS, UP13) since 2014.

Thèmes de recherche

  • Metabolomics by NMR
  • Liver
  • Protein Structure
  • Protein Protein interaction


2015: PLS/OPLS models in metabolomics: the impact of permutation of dataset rows on the K-fold cross-validation quality parameters Triba, M. N., Le Moyec, L., Amathieu, R., Goossens, C., Bouchemal, N., Nahon, P., Rutledge, D. N.,
Savarin, P. Mol Biosyst 11, 13-19, 2015.

2014: Metabolic impact of anti-angiogenic agents on U87 glioma cells Mesti, T., Savarin, P., Triba, M. N., Le Moyec, L., Ocvirk, J., Banissi, C., Carpentier, A. F. PLoS One 9, e99198, 2014.

Serum 1H-NMR Metabolomic Fingerprints of Acute-On-Chronic Liver Failure in Intensive Care Unit Patients with Alcoholic Cirrhosis Amathieu, R., Triba, M. N., Nahon, P., Bouchemal, N., Kamoun, W., Haouache, H., Trinchet, J. C., Savarin, P., Le Moyec, L., Dhonneur, G. PLoS One 9, e89230, 2014.

2013: Structural basis for the association of MAP6 with microtubules and its regulation by calmodulin Lefevre, J., Savarin, P., Gans, P., Hamon, L., Clement, M. J., David, M. O., Bosc, C., Andrieux, A., Curmi, P. A. J Biol Chem., 288(34), 24910-22, 2013.

2012: Macromolecular crowding regulates assembly of mRNA stress granules after osmotic stress: new role for compatible osmolytes Bounedjah, O., Hamon, L., Savarin, P., Desforges, B., Curmi, P. A., Pastre, D.,
J Biol Chem 287, 2446-2458, 2012.

Mapping the conformational stability of maltose binding protein at the residue scale using nuclear magnetic resonance hydrogen exchange experiments. Merstorf, C., Maciejak, O., Mathe, J., Pastoriza-Gallego, M., Thiebot, B., Clement, M. J., Pelta, J., Auvray, L., Curmi, P. A., Savarin, P. Biochemistry 51, 8919-8930, 2012.

Phosphorylation controls the interaction of the connexin43 C-terminal domain with tubulin and microtubules
Saidi Brikci-Nigassa, A., Clement, M. J., Ha-Duong, T., Adjadj, E., Ziani, L., Pastre, D., Curmi, P. A., Savarin, P.
Biochemistry 51, 4331-4342, 2012.

2011: Gap junctions favor normal rat kidney epithelial cell adaptation to chronic hypertonicity Desforges, B., Savarin, P., Bounedjah, O., Delga, S., Hamon, L., Curmi, P. A., and Pastre, D., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 301, C705-716, 2011.
Rapid assembly and collective behavior of microtubule bundles in the presence of polyamines Hamon, L., Savarin, P., Curmi, P. A., and Pastre, D. Biophys J 101, 205-216, 2011.

The C terminus of tubulin, a versatile partner for cationic molecules: binding of Tau, polyamines, and calcium
Lefevre, J., Chernov, K. G., Joshi, V., Delga, S., Toma, F., Pastre, D., Curmi, P. A., Savarin, P., J Biol Chem 286, 3065-3078, 2011.


Professor in chemistry


NMR spectroscopy, metabolomics, multivariate statistics analysis, protein production and purification.

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