Spadavecchia 1

Chargée de Recherche (CR1)

Equipe NBD  - CSPBAT- UMR 7244
UFR Santé, Médecine, Biologie Humaine Université Paris 13 (Bureau 307)
74 rue Marcel Cachin, 93017 Bobigny Cedex (France)

01 48 38 8566
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Jolanda Spadavecchia, is senior researcher at CNRS since 2010. Her research activities are focused on the realisation of nanoparticles and biosensors. In particular, she is interested in the processes responsible for the bioconjugation of protein, macromolecules or DNA oligonucleotides onto gold nanoparticles and substrates for the creation of optical biosensors. She has studied the monitoring of DNA Biochip for Genetic Detection involved in Cystic Fibrosis Disease. She has realised a new synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles (2 World Patents and 1 Italian Patent) for photovoltaic systems and Optochemical sensors . She is currently involved in the synthesis of Polymeric nanoparticles and the development of Nano-hybrid materials for Nanomedicine.

In Mars 2016, she start the direction of a nanomedicine transversal axe at University Paris 13 (France). By adopting the qualification to direct scientific research (HDR), she  supervised PhD thesis , Master students and 1 Post-Doc in Nanotechnology-Bio-Interfaces, Biology and nano-therapeutics. She have a position of visiting research at University of Dublin, in particular TCD-Dublin (Hopital St.James) in Nanomedicine and Cancer Therapy for the development of new nanovectors. She have actively participate and publish with TCD-Dublin in FP-7 Q Nano infrascruture for nanotheranostics. Research invited in TCD college (Dublin-Ireland); she participate in SDF Ireland projet for the realization of nanovector in angiogenesis and inflammation under supervison of Prof Jacintha O’Sullivan.

Since  septembre 2017, she direct a  scientific group called NanoPhotoMed , composed by 10 young researcher  ,PhD  student and engineering ,in order to realize news nanomedical-devices  applied in the field of nanomedicine and biosensors in collaboration with start-up and industry. She accomplished several industrial contracts among which, the collaboration with BIO-EVEN start up and TORSKAL nanoscience for the development of news  biocompatibles  nanotherapeutics con cancer therapy.

Since Septembre 2018 she co-lead Nanomedicine, Biomarker and detection (NBD) team composed by 30 researchers on the development of therapeutics and biomarker-detection.

Finally, she have published more than 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 3  world patents, with a huge impact on the nanomedicine and chemistry scientific communities, as clearly demonstrated by the huge number of citations she have achieved in these years (h index: 28; citations: 2,087; source: Google Scholar; April 2018).




Nano-hybrid materials for Nanomedicine, Chemical Gold Surface Functionalization, Synthesis of Polymeric nanoparticles.
Biosensors SPR