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Senior Research
Associate, CR1

Equipes LBPS / NBD - CSPBAT UMR 7244
Institut Galilée (Bureau 413)
99 avenue JB Clément
93430 Villetaneuse cedex

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Danielle GELDWERTH graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, France, in 1977. She obtained two certificates in ‘Bactériologie and Virologie Générales, at the Pasteur Institute, in 1981. Her PhD thesis was conducted under the supervision of Dr Jean Weissenbach at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. In june 1983, she obtained a ‘Thèse de Docteur-Ingénieur’ diploma at the French Université Paris 7, on the isolation of DNA sequences from the human Y chromosome, and study of their sequence homologies with the human X chromosome. She joined the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in 1984 as junior research associate, in Pr Philippe Devaux’S laboratory at the ‘Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique’ (IBPC) in Paris. In 1989-1990, she spent a one year journey in the Haematology Department at Children’S Hospital Oakland Research Institute (Drs. Bertram Lubin and Frans Kuypers’ Laboratory) in Oakland, California, USA. She has worked 5 years at INSERM in Kremlin-Bicêtre (U770, head Drs Jean-Marie Freyssinet & Cécile V. Denis), before joining the CSPBAT at Université Paris 13 in early 2011.
She is member of the interdisciplinary program ‘Imageries du Vivant’ in Sorbonne-Paris-Cité, and part of its steering committee

Thèmes de recherche

Structure and dynamics of biological membrane components; multi scale and multi modality bioimaging; health and tissular engineering Humanities (ethical and social issues associated to biomedical imaging)

5 Publications Significatives

1-"In vivo MRI and ex vivo quantification of iron and Kupffer cells demonstrate residual phagocytic activity in mouse liver after a gadolinium chloride injection".
Fabre M., Leroy-WilligA., Denis C.V., Ba N., Schoëvaërt D., Guettier C. & Geldwerth-Feniger D. Biochimie, 92, 1343-53 (2010).

2- "ERK activation by Ca2+ ionophores depends on Ca 2+ entry in lymphocytes but not in platelets, and does not conduct membrane scrambling". Arachiche A., Badirou I., Dachary-Prigent .J, Garcin .I, Geldwerth-Feniger D., Kerbiriou-Nabias D.
Cell. Mol. Life. Sci.,65(23), 3861-71 (2008).

3-"Detection of phosphatidylserine surface exposure on human erythrocytes using annexin V-ferrofluid".
Geldwerth D., Helley D., de Jong K., Sabolovic’ D., Sestier C., Roger J., Pons J.N., Freyssinet J.M., Devaux P.F.& Kuypers F.A.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 258, 199-203 (1999).

4- "Oxidative damage does not alter membrane phospholipid asymmetry in human erythrocytes".
De Jong K., Geldwerth D. & Kuypers F.A. Biochemistry, 36, 6768-6776 (1997).

5-"Alteration in the transbilayer mobility of membrane phospholipids during storage of human erythrocytes".
Geldwerth D., Kuypers F.A., Bütikofer P., Allary M., Lubin B.H. & Devaux P.F. J. Clin. Invest., 92, 308-314 (1993).

6-"Extensive DNA sequence homologies between the human Y and the long arm of the X chromosome".
Geldwerth D., Bishop C.E., Guéllaën G., Koenig M., Vergnaud G., Mandel J.L. & Weissenbach J.
EMBO J.,4, 1739-1743 (1985).


"Magnetic nanoparticles coupled to annexin, and utilization thereof". Halbreich A., Sabolovic’ D., Sestier C., Geldwerth D., Pons J.N. & Roger J.
"Nanoparticules magnétiques couplées à de l’annexine et leur utilisation". Patent PCT/FR96/00964, extended to patent WO9701760


  • Tutoring of students (masters and PhD degrees)
  • Lectures at the Ecole Nationale d’Agronomie Paris Grignon, Université de Paris 12-Val de Marne (structure and dynamics of biological membranes)
  • Co-author (Leroy-Willig A. & Geldwerth-Feniger D) of the chapter "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy". in "Textbook of in vivo Imaging in Vertebrates", edited by Ntziachristos V., Leroy-Willig A. & Tavitian A., Wiley, Chichester, England, 1-56 (2007).


Biophysics & Imaging (EPR electron paramagnetic resonance; optical imaging, fluorescence imaging, recovery after photo-bleaching; magnetic resonance imaging /spectroscopy)
Physico-chemistry and biochemistry (lipid biochemistry)